Introduction to the "HEIMSTONE SPIRIT"


the  "SHELTER" fall-winter 2016-2017 collection.

In this collection we admire the colors and textures of the Alpine Lichen.Kakis, blues and monochrome silhouettes make up the collection.
Soft silks and delicate laces reflect the ice crystals & polar landscapes of the environment, while the wool & alpaga pieces mimic
the gentle texture of the Lichen that the designer was inspired by.
*All the fabrics and prints have been developped by and for Heimstone for love of beautiful patterns and materials.


Heimstone tries to get away from the fashion rules and dictatory,
creating along its journeys around the world, travelling in an old car ;
The Heimstone collecions get mature with the seasons, addind colors with the landscapes,
and they all tell a story, born during these trips.


“You have to be different to be irreplaceable, ”. Steve Jobs.
What now became a course of action was from the beginning a very instinctive conviction : Heimstone will be different.


"Collections like travel books".
Heimstone grows away from the fashion world and its dictatorial rules.
Prints created by and for Heimstone.
Alix Petit creates and develops all her fabrics and prints.
Always carrying a travel book she paints, photographs and draws inspirations for future Heimstone textiles.
The printed fabrics are made in collaboration with italian and french weavers of great reputation.
Each collection contributes to the singularity of Heimstone.
What now became a course of action was from the beginning a very instinctive conviction: Heimstone will be different.

"The Heimstone style".
... Is spontaneous, singular, creative, active, independant traveller and curious.
The Heimstone woman is androgyne but very sexy & elegant.
Yet, she is rock’n’roll, very Parisian with an international flare.
Heimstone is above all charisma- a style and universe. It’s not just a pretty dress or a pretty jacket.
It assumes the inhibited.
Heimstone woman is of today- a type of woman who understood very early hat progress also integrates true values and sustainability.
Active and free, her travels have created a lifestyle and way of dressing that relates to all women
dealing with awareness and beauty. The Heimstone clients identify themselves at first sight,
sensitive to authentic values, without being nostalgic, she remembers old times,
she integrates eternal believes from nature and interprets modern life.


Alix Petit is fascinated by nature, time passing and the beauty that human beings have created.
She loves America, the great outdoors landscapes, the smell of Alaskan glaciers, cold and rain.
She likes to wear colors in winter and black in summer.
She loves to mix things that are not appropriate. She loves the quietness and watching airplanes in the sky.
Her favorite animal is the moose, because it’s as majestic as it’s prehistorical.
Her hero is Tintin for his cold blood and courage.
Her model is Steve Jobs for his stubbornness, creativity and insanity.

{A few dates}

1983: birth of Alix Petit.
2001: Arts school, Atelier de Sèvres in Paris.
2002- June 2005: Fashion school, knits specialty, Atelier Chardon-Savard in Paris.
July 2005 to July 2006: Knits responsible at Michel Klein.
August 2006: Launching of a bathsuits and accessories line Heim.
January 2007: Launching of the first Heimstone winter collection.
October 2007: Opening of the first Heimstone shop rue du cherche midi, Paris 6e.
April 2012: Opening of the second Heimstone shop rue Cambon, Paris 1er.
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