My Heimstone print

We were all born creative, inspiration is right in front of us, just allow yourself to see it", as @alix.petit.kece likes to say.
This Monday is very special for us.
 Today we are launching the last initiative of the 12 Heimstone Experiences. It is the embodiment of the message
we want to spread with #EmpowerWomenThroughCreativity since we launched it more than one year ago.
It is a way for us to tell you more than ever that creativity is not only for "the creative people", "the artists",
it is an infinite, liberating playground. And eventually, an incredible source of self-development.
If you watched Alix's portrait from Trendland's Creative series, which we unveiled last week,
you probably understood that "as long as there is creativity, there is freedom."
That’s why our partner this month is YOU.
We want you to be the creator of our next print.
May this month of December be your playground to create, photograph, paste, draw, and to, ultimately,
share an inspiring photo on your Instagram profile by tagging @heimstone and above all #MYHEIMSTONEPRINT.
It may be this image you saved on Instagram, or this Pinterest pin, which has been in your table forever just for the emotion it brings you.
A page from a magazine that you tore 4 years ago and has been following you ever since.
The drawing of your child, innocent but so pretty. Everything is inspiring.
We do not ask for a 100% photoshop file, but simply an image that resonates with you, that you find beautiful.
Alix will take care of the technical part when it comes to developing it.
Mention this hashtag #MyHeimstonePrint and at the studio, a small machinery starts running:
we collect until the end of the month your propositions that our @photocabine will print automatically.
A jury, which we will introduce next week, will be held in early January 2020 to pick their 5 favorite prints.
Then all of you, dear Heimstone community, will be 100% involved in the development of the capsule collection that will result:
to choose the final print to start with but also develop this capsule collection alongside Alix, via your choices in stories.
In short, we will take you behind the scenes and you will have the opportunity to shape this capsule to your image.
We will also invite the creator of the chosen print to our studio to take part, if he wants to of course,
in the big moments of the development process. We will also offer him all the pieces of the capsule.
To help you get started, we all did our own #MyHeimstonePrint in the team.
Go to @alix.petit.kece, @wild.road, @irisabsinth, @imthealphabetpony, and @paulineconduche to get inspired!
Come visit us on @heimstone, every Monday of December, on our feed and in stories to know more about the backstage of #MyHeimstonePrint.
And of course, share around you, make your friends, your sister, your partner participate!
We can’t wait to see where your imagination takes you.
The Heimstone team.
PS: In order for our @photocabine to detect your participation, your Instagram profile must be public
and you must absolutely tag @heimstone and #MyHeimstonePrint. If you do not have an Instagram public profile
but still want to participate, you can also send your inspirational image to