Who is the Heimstone woman?


Creative and sensitive, the Heimstone woman has a strong personality.
Light & playful, she is not just one type of woman, but a woman of her time. Focused ahead and assumes who she is, not afraid of challenges, issues of life and multi-faceted days.
Her action aren’t over thought however every action is conscientious one. Full of ambition, love & fantasy, being confident with her choices & having doubts is her decision making process, she loves movement as much as she loves idleness.  Soaking up the pleasures of life she listens to her soul and desires & leans on her faults as forces. A Heimstone woman dares everything, that's how we recognize her.

Heimstone empowers women

The Heimstone philosophy

Heimstone is not just about clothes.
It's a complete universe that puts women first, a philosophy of life that empowers woman. Each Heimstone collection tells a story.
First of all, the collections are all inspired by elsewhere explored by Alix, or are the fruit of her creativity and imagination.
Then it comes to a very spontaneous story of style. None respects a trend book, and defines its own route.
Heimstone offers a full wardrobe. The silhouettes are vaporous and precise, sublimated by many details, other more structured sets are inspired by the men's wardrobe.
Alix creates the uniqueness of each of her models through prints and fabrics all created exclusively by and for Heimstone.
Each Heimstone collection aims to highlight women, accompany them on a daily basis and embellish them in each of their personal stories.

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