The Heimstone x Catimini collaboration or the longing for a modern and joyful mother-daughter closet

Heimstone and child fashion was not exactly a first.
In 2013, we had already collaborated with Little Fashion Gallery, then with Monoprix, in 2014,
with a women's and children's collection, built around similar prints.
It was funny, the mother could match her child’s outfit, we liked that principle.
When the idea of ​​a collaboration between Heimstone and Catimini was born, it was this same will to match the two outfits
in a modern and fun way that made our collection a reality.
Catimini and Heimstone have very different worlds but the two brands have also met around evidences and similarities:
the journey as an inspiration, collections that tell a story, the work of prints.

Alix wanted to reinterpret her iconic pieces, such as the Java dress or the Kaya blouse, to create fluid silhouettes and styles already quite assertive for children. We even had Ellis, Alix’s daughter, wear a Kaya blouse from the Heimstone’s current collection for immediate rendering, like a flash prototype!

"We wanted to create a wardrobe that is modern and not too childish,
I really thought the prints and Catimini silhouettes as I would do for women at Heimstone

Catimini, for its SS19 collection, developed the theme of sensory, temporal, fresh and optimistic escapades.
Alix then produced four exclusive prints, inspired by the islands and the Caribbean. 

From this collaboration came baby, child, junior and female models in an exclusive collection for SS19.

At Heimstone you will find the baby and child collections available here.