A very Heimstone Christmas

A very Heimstone Christmas

 A word from Alix #11

To celebrate the reopening of our fully renovated boutique and launch the December festivities,
my entire team and I are pleased to invite you to our Christmas market on Sunday, December 1st.
This boutique, I have been dreaming of renovating it for 6 years at least.
But we had to be patient, grow at our own pace, so that we could finally do it. VICTORY!
After 10 days of intensive, exciting, stressful construction (you must know if you have followed our stories),
the boutique was finally able to open its doors again on November 8th.
It is now time for us to introduce it to you properly. And Christmas is right on point for that!
On this occasion, we wanted to invite three passionate, creative and daring young entrepreneurs
to create our own real mini Christmas market, specially selected by the Heimstone team.

The florist Célestine Morel will animate flower creation workshops. You will be able to make your decorative bell, to color your party tables.
But beware, seats are limited! Five one-hour long workshops are open for registration, each welcoming up to four people.
To register, it's right here. All supplies will be made available and offered to you to create your flower bell.
The activist of fun, natural and no plastic beauty, Noémie Potdevin will introduce you I Like It Naked,
her carefully curated selection of zero-waste beauty products. After our experience of June, the month of the Oceans,
in partnership with Found and Oceana, we are all here looking for these kinds of initiatives.
Finally, Laura Hamaïde, the jewellery designer Monsieur Simone, 100%, handmade in France,
will be here to present you her delicate collection “Fleurs de Peau”, which we love when associated with Heimstone looks.
And of course, since the big parties in December are coming up and “it would be unfortunate to show up not dressed up"
(who watches out “Instagram points look” here?), this day is most of all the opportunity for us to present you our special selection of holiday looks,
as well as our two new exclusive capsules, available from November 29 online and in store.
We look forward to welcoming you to this little Christmas market, very Heimstone!
The store will be open this day from 11 am until 7 pm. The workshops are taking place every hour, from 1 pm to 5 pm.

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