Heimstone is a fashion brand known for its unique blend of aesthetics, embodying creativity and personal expression through its designs. Founded in Paris by designer Alix Petit, the brand is characterized by its modern vision and commitment to empowering individuals through fashion. Heimstone distinguishes itself by integrating creativity, innovation, and fearless design into its collections. 


The brand is celebrated for its ability to harmonize contrasting elements within its designs, expertly blending textures, patterns, and unexpected details to produce a visually compelling narrative. This approach not only showcases the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality but also its dedication to creating pieces that spark conversation and challenge conventional fashion norms. 

Heimstone’s collections are often seen as an avant-garde exploration of style, pushing the frontiers of uniqueness and establishing a strong identity within the luxury fashion industry. The brand’s Parisian roots are evident in its chic and sophisticated aesthetic, which, coupled with a bold and innovative design philosophy, makes Heimstone a true expression of the Parisian womens wear houses.


Our commitment to the environment is woven into the very fabric of our products. We carefully select sustainable materials and methods that reduce our ecological footprint. We produce in a moderate and reasoned way in Europe, but also in Paris. Learn more about our RSE program

We encourage Circularity: Our TIMELESS program allows our customers to refresh their Heimstone wardrobe without letting unused items linger. Discover Timeless and our buy-back program.


Create inspiring clothing collections crafted for a more creative expression of ourselves, produced in a moderate and reasoned way.

Alix Petit

Creative Director & Founder

"Nourished by my travels and fueled by my personal passions, including my love for brutalist architecture, modern art, and my athletic pursuits, I launched Heimstone in 2007. My vision was clear: to create a brand that empowers, a brand that stands as a testament to the strength and beauty of those who wear it. 

In my designs, I employ unique prints and fabrics, all of which are exclusively created by and for Heimstone. Guided by my brush, my dreams, and my travels, I break free from the transient waves of trends to capture the essence of timelessness. At Heimstone, it’s not about following the trend; it’s about creating pieces that inspire trends themselves”.