The Heimstone x Bugaboo collaboration or an ode to family life

At the studio, we often heard Alix (the mother, not the company manager) tell us "Bugaboo is the rolls of the strollers!".
When thanks to a common friend, the Heimstone and Bugaboo teams met, their will to collaborate was born instantly.
With our journal Empower Women Through Creativity, we want to show you how creativity lives in all of us,
in our art of living and the little things in our daily lives.
For Alix, dealing with family life has always been one of her strongest sources of inspiration.
A life of travel was not going to stop after the birth of her two daughters and Alix was identifying
more and more with the needs and envy of parents, naturally.
Starting with mobility!
"Bugaboo is a brand that I particularly like. I find it high-end, comfortable and very elegant.
And if I do not get tired of creating dresses, I love to find my prints on new objects, such as on wallpaper or a stroller canopy!
Mixing family, travel, style and inspirations then appeared obvious to everyone, very related to the Heimstone state of mind.
At the beginning of our collaboration, we were working on the SS19 collection plan and had just developed the Fungi print,
inspired by ultra-zoomed fungus photos. We found it perfect for a mixed piece with its soothing blue-gray tones,
embellished with its bright green apple piping.
A few months of work later, we were setting up the first Heimstone x Bugaboo canopy on the Bee 5
and were delighted to think that it would brighten up the city strolls and that it would even awake the child in a stroller.
Discover here the 50 numbered pieces, in limited series.