The Three Seven capsule or how certain synergies are simply imposed on us

Is it really necessary to tell you the genesis of this capsule?
For those of you who are new to Heimstone, Three Seven is the handmade ceramic brand of Caroline Petit, Alix's twin sister.
Go discover her work on her website: the tableware is fine and delicate, the design is unique and handcrafted.
For the first time customers of Heimstone, we know that many of you have come to know Three Seven over time and even more so with the birth of Instagram. The links between the worlds of Alix and Caroline are inevitably numerous, inspirations are familiar and… from their family, with a common passion for decoration and design, transmitted by their mother, interior designer.
And by the way, you’ll often see Caroline’s vases to decorate our shop, rue du Cherche-Midi.
So here we are, for SS19, they are doing it: the Heimstone silhouette would (finally!) meet the poetry of Three Seven ceramics.
This is a new playground for fine line drawings of Caroline, who is used to work her tools on her ceramics.
She chose one of her most famous designs, Coral Seashell, which she reinterpreted to make it live on iconic Heimstone pieces.
At the studio, we immediately loved this summer capsule with mineral design. The outfits are fluid and light.
This special collaboration deserved a beautiful collection of photos.
And who else than their brother Antoine, a photographer, to immortalize them? The loop was complete.
Actually, one of the best memories of the development of the collection was the shoot at Caroline's dusty and authentic workshop:
she dressed in her blue work and Alix was elegant and ultra-feminine in her Penelope dress.
We also had the incredible chance to shoot under a beautiful sun in the (empty!) pool of the hotel Molitor, from which we unveil a first image.
For the rest, see you on May 28 for the official release of the collection, which we can’t wait to introduce to you.