Laboté by Heimstone or the inner self as a source of inspiration

"I met Lucile by chance and, in the course of our beauty discussions, we immediately agreed about the use of oils.
Sensory, precious, glamorous too, they have everything to please.
And we were convinced of their benefits for the skin but also for the rebalancing of our psyche, our emotions.
Around their inspiring discussions, Alix and Lucile Battail, founder of the Botanical Cosmetic Lab on Rue Madame,
together launched a co-creation development project that gave birth to L’Huile de Peau.
The formulas of the three oils that make up this collection each express a psycho-emotional profile
(Présente, Singulière or Bel Equilibre) that oscillates between a "deep self" and a "dreamed me".
Like all of us, every day, torn between our emotions, thoughts, desires and contradictions.
"The formulas of oils tend to rebalance the inner emotions of each.
We really created synergistic cocktails based on the properties of essential oils.
And I loved adorning this delicate glass bottle of Heimstone drawings - on the label and on the top cap.
It is a pure delight to join oil-scented hands in front of one’s nose, to take a few breaths before applying it on his skin.
In a few seconds, we let go, we are calmer.
And we have beautiful skin!
Join us for our launch party :

Boutique Laboté
Mercredi 5 juin – 18h30
11 rue Madame, Paris VI

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