The Kilim capsule or Alix's Proust's madeleine

The Kilim capsule is a reissue of a fabric developed exclusively by Alix, for the AW12/13 collection.
This fabric was born when Alix challenged an Italian weaver, met near Lake Como.
He was showing off, saying he was able to create any type of textile: "give me anything and I will create a fabric out of it".
A picture and a few hours of weaving work later, she held in her hands the reinterpretation of these traditional Moroccan "kilim" carpets.
Actually the one from Alix's photograph that she had been offered by her father when she was little, to be very exact.
She had always loved its style, its appearance and had dreamed of making a coat out of it for herself.
With warm and bright colors (which required a lot of tests with the weaver!). Something that is soft and round.
It is an old know-how, which uses looms of higher technical processes, that allows to create these colors and patterns:
6 threads are used to achieve this result!
Already amazed by the meticulous process to obtain this result at the time, Alix has decided to reissue seven years later,
with the help of the daughter of this weaver who has since taken over the Italian company, this same precious and iconic fabric.
A real case of transmitting cultures and knowledge.
Available in accessories, jackets and home capsule. Exclusively at Heimstone.