Nos Chers Enfants x Heimstone

Nos Chers Enfants x Heimstone

Make memories

In October, Empower Women Through Creativity offers you the opportunity, in partnership with Nos Chers Enfants,
to make unforgettable memories for you, your children and your loved ones.

Nos Chers Enfants is the project of Anne Williamson who, as a big fan of this calm and accomplice moment that is bedtime,
decides at 38 years old to leave her beautiful career in marketing to launch his own genius idea
to personalize with our own voices the stories we all tell our children at night.

Choose a tale, from a lovely selection of classical tales, that you record in the studio for one hour
(possibility to record three voices per story, in Paris, Nantes, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, or Marseille).
The magic begins to operate since you will be accompanied by professionals to advise you in your intonation,
throughout your reading and this will be a very special moment for you.

So that the immersion is total while listening, Nos Chers Enfants add music and sound effects on your recording.
The CD is ready within 8 days and you will receive a box containing the book collection of 8 stories
(including the one you have recorded) and the digital file of the recording (total value of € 200).
A gift decidedly not like the others, and especially a souvenir, to offer, forever. 

How to participate?

1- follow @heimstone and accounts.
2- like and comment the October 1st post by tagging a parent, a relative,
a friend for/with whom you would like to make this souvenir.
This person must also subscribe to the accounts.
3- winner will be picked up on October 31st.
Good luck!