Heimstone is more than just a brand. It is a team of woman working together to allows the designer, Alix Petit, to bring her vision to life through a unique and singular line of clothing for the well-being of women.
Here are the members of the Heimstone team !

Alix Petit

CEO & Creative Director

In 2007, inspired by travels and driven by her personal desires, Alix launched Heimstone with the dream of creating a brand that empower women.

Her goal ? That girls wear dresses like you wear a pair of jeans.

In each of her collections, she declines her uninhibited creativity, her love of textile work and her passion for print.

Camille Debeuf

General Director

Camille joined the Heimstone team a few months ago. She became right away the right-hand woman of Alix. She challenges the team to makes us the best version of ourselves. She helps to establish a certain cohesion and communication between all the poles to create a fluidity of information throughout the year.

Anastasia Di Robertis

Production Director

She joined the Heimstone team 5 years ago as a intern and with her knowleadge and her drive, she became the Production Director.

She is the one and only that allows the collection to become alive and product all quantities. Without her, you wouldn't be able to add the Heimstone pieces to your wardrobe.

Marine Manceau

Retail Director

Marine joined Heimstone 5 years ago. Within our team, she is considered the ambassador of Heimstone, making the brand shine. She discovered Heimstone in its early days and it was love at first sight! She now knows everything there is to know about Heimstone and is also the queen of mix & match to create the perfect Heimstone look.

Marine is in charge of our Parisian Boutique and all sales development.

Léa Deschamps

Collection Director

Léa started as an intern 3 years ago. She now works alongside Alix for all Heimstone's collection. She is the ones creating all prototypes before a collection takes form. Alix gives a precious brief to Léa: her sketches, drawings, paintings, color samples, fabrics, inspirations. This is when our capsules start to come to life... and when Léa channels all her creative effervescence.

Sandrine Masse Lapostolle

Eshop Director

Sandrine deploy her magic in the shadows. She is the person who pilots our website and our customer service. Animated by the beauty in its entirety, she makes you discover our universe through our website Product highlights, homepages, special pages, she manages her projects to make your feel the real Heimstone experience. Despite the very technical aspect of her missions, Sandrine is passionate about the human dimension of her job. Emphatic and with her big Canadian heart, we can't count the number of times she's hung up with one of you excited and elated.

Zeynep Deniz

Production Assistant

Zeynep is Anastasia's right-hand woman. She joined the Heimstone team less than 2 years ago. She is the sunshine of our office. Always smiling, she develops the production alongside Ana once Lea finishes the prototypes of a collection. She makes sure that all the details finely thought by Alix Petit shows on the garments that you will order next.

Laura Wowk

Collection Assistant

Laura is the youngest of the team. She joined Heimstone less than 2 years ago. She assists Léa in the creation of the collection. Alix explains the style and the looks that have matured in her head, Léa orders her ideas to ensure coherence, Laura goes in search of the appropriate supplies. Hours of exchanges later, the collection is born on paper, cut into capsules, each one a reflection of an inspired story. Without her, you wouldn't be this rich in terms of textile.