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Evening Infusion: Ginger-Curcuma

It's a recipe from my husband's mom who always has a bunch of ultra-natural and simple recipes, but delicious and effective.

This recipe is perfect for the season: autumn and early winter and is best consumed in the evening because it helps with digestion, and the various ingredients it contains help to fight against many ailments: badly headache, colds, digestive disorders, urinary tract infection. In short, this is a super detoxifying and anti-inflammatory infusion.

Ingredients (for 4 cups):
1 fresh ginger
8 cloves
1 branch of sage (fresh or dried), OR a branch of olive leaves (fresh or dried), OR some bay leaves
1 yellow lemon
Turmeric powder
1 cinnamon stick 

Boil in your kettle 1.5L of water.
Rinse and peel the ginger, you need to cut about ten pieces about 1cm thick.
Put the ginger in a saucepan (without heat), add the branch of sage, the cinnamon stick, the cloves.
Pour the boiling water into the saucepan, then bring to a boil (turn on the heat), for 1 minute. Turn off the heat and let steep for a good twenty minutes. The infusion should be dark orange brown.

Before serving, bring to a boil one last time. Serve (only the liquid, not the elements), add ½ teaspoon per cup of turmeric, mix, add a little lemon juice.


Morning infusion: Parsley-lemon 

This is a very simple infusion for every morning to enjoy on an empty stomach. Parsley and lemon clean the liver and are antioxidants. 

Ingredients (for 2 cups):
1 bunch of fresh parsley
1 yellow lemon 

Boil some water in a kettle.
In 2 cups, put a large bunch of parsley (without removing the branches), you must not be able to see the bottom of the cup.
Add the juice of half a lemon per cup.
Pour the boiling water, add the skin of half lemon squeezed, let infuse 10 minutes.


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