SS 2023 collection

The Maze


Born from a cerebral spark,
The idea spreads right down the fingerprints,
Modestly unveils the intricacies of its path,
The delirious corners that it visits,
To eventually move its world.

For the Spring/Summer 2023 Collection, Heimstone dives into the most complex and interesting part of all of us, our minds, and invites us to follow the journey of an idea and its fascinating Maze. Where boundless creativity collides with technique.

Press play to watch Heimstone Creative Director & Founder explain her vision for The Maze SS23.

(3 minutes)

the maze

the 9 capsules

Each capsule is an immersion in the mind of creative and obsessive characters in some of the most interesting fields of work.

9 capsule collections, 9 genius minds to explore.

The Premiere capsule, Puppet Show launches on January 5th at 9AM. 

Capsule inspiration


Inspired by the mind of a ventriloquist.