5 tips by Marie Faure Ambroise, founder of MyTravelDreams

5 tips by Marie Faure Ambroise, founder of MyTravelDreams

One surprise in this article.
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Marie Faure Ambroise, 39 years old, brings her three kids in all her trips in order to amaze them, to reinforce their curiosity and to show them the world. Inspired by Paris, journalist for Condé Nast and Lagardère who has been converted into an entrepreneur, she has created MyTravelDreams website and MyDigitalDreams agency. For a year, Marie declines its logos - Mum of Boys, Mum of Girls, Mamma or Bon Voyage - on loose t-shirts. Unisex models, one size fits all, like retro souvenirs from Venice Beach, Tokyo or Tulum. Like those, especially, that she loves to offer to her loved ones when she comes back from her escapades.

Panama, Sweden, Italy, Tunisia, Portugal… Her daughter Suzanne, 6 months old, made a little world tour well hooked to her breasts. She learned from her breastfeeding and she gives us these information that she would have loved to know before starting this great adventure:  


Anyone can breastfeed so stop listening to those who say that your breasts are too small or that you do not have enough milk, that does not exist. In the hospital, I was told again: all women can breastfeed (except for medical reasons of course). The more the baby drinks, the more milk is produced, that's all, it's primary, it's animal. At Necker, the midwife had given me a great advice to start: put them in the breast as soon as they open their mouth, as much as possible, all the time. But, the room is often full of friends and family and we do not want to spend hours trying to position ourselves or to show our breast in front of everybody. So, the first days, made calm with few visits, to take advantage of the expertise of midwives and to learn how to place the baby. Feel comfortable to take out your breasts, without troubles. I really feel that if the first few days are really important, if it does not work during this time, it's often missed.  


At the beginning it is difficult and tiring. I believe it is not easy (at least it was not for me), and for first days, I was far away from the image of Epinal and the Virgin with the child. To me breastfeeding is giving yourself. After 9 months pregnancy, without drinking alcohol and smoking, we keep on being dedicated to our child. Start breastfeeding requires lots of time and energy. I have the feeling that you really have to do it if you really want it and not because of someone else's pressures, desires or trends.  


It's baby who decides and not the watch. When I was worried about her eating every 2 hours (sometimes more), the doctor told me something that I kept very carefully in mind when the eyes of others are on me: “with milk powder, it is you who decide, with breast milk, it is the baby who decides”. Conclusion, it's up to us to adapt to their own pace and not the other way around. Once I accepted this postulate, everything seemed much easier. 


When breastfeeding rolls, we can start to express breastmilk and entrust the little baby to someone else. But, before expressing breastmilk, you have to wait until everything is in place (at least after first month of the baby). For my son, I rented an electric breast pump as big as a nuclear plant that I have never used because it was too heavy, too complicated, too noisy and I did not want to look like a cow. Thanks to Alix, I ordered on Amazon a mini electric milk pump that I brought woth me everywhere and which allowed me to be really free. Amen. 


Co-sleeping allowed me to sleep, which was the most important for me. With breastfeeding, no need to turn on the light to open a water bottle and prepare the powder or burp. With breastfeeding, when baby whines, we lift our shirt, we breastfeed, and we go back to sleep. To me, this is priceless.

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Marie Faure Ambroise and Alix Petit, sharing the same passion for breastfeeding, imagined together a slogan t-shirt full of self-mockery. Available now online and in store.

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