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Doll short in Symmetry weaveDoll short in Symmetry weave
Imogen shirt in Symmetry weaveImogen shirt in Symmetry weave
Sold out
Astrée overshirt in Boutis FormicaAstrée overshirt in Boutis Formica
Moor bermuda in Boutis FormicaMoor bermuda in Boutis Formica
Doll short in Seventies poplinDoll short in Seventies poplin
Imogen shirt in Seventies poplinImogen shirt in Seventies poplin
Astrée shirt in Metronimic laceAstrée shirt in Metronimic lace
Dori shirt in Gravure printDori shirt in Gravure print
Dori shirt in Gravure print
Sale price€295
Harlem jumper in Reef orange woolen fabric and cashmereHarlem jumper in Reef orange woolen fabric and cashmere
Astrée overshirt in Oxide OttomanAstrée overshirt in Oxide Ottoman
Moor bermuda in Metronimic laceMoor bermuda in Metronimic lace
Gabriel pants in Coverall cottonGabriel pants in Coverall cotton
Spencer short in Reef orange woolen fabric and cashmereSpencer short in Reef orange woolen fabric and cashmere
Gabriel pants in Oxide OttomanGabriel pants in Oxide Ottoman
Harlem jumper in Prism weaveHarlem jumper in Prism weave
Orso tutu in Prism weaveOrso tutu in Prism weave
Orso tutu in Prism weave
Sale price€295
Harlem jumper in Boutis AtticHarlem jumper in Boutis Attic
Fox skirt in Organic laceFox skirt in Organic lace
Fox skirt in Organic lace
Sale price€350
Deva tank top in Organic laceDeva tank top in Organic lace
Tasman shirt in Brutalistic laceTasman shirt in Brutalistic lace
Moor pants in Brutalistic laceMoor pants in Brutalistic lace
Sold out
Milo dress in Boutis FormicaMilo dress in Boutis Formica
Gabriel pants in black cottonGabriel pants in black cotton
Beckett short in Coverall cottonBeckett short in Coverall cotton
Dori shirt in Primary printDori shirt in Primary print
Dori shirt in Primary print
Sale price€295
Gabriel pants in Primary printGabriel pants in Primary print
Bobbi pullover in Abysse corduroyBobbi pullover in Abysse corduroy
Gabriel pants in Abysse corduroyGabriel pants in Abysse corduroy
Astrée shirt in Major woolAstrée shirt in Major wool
Astrée shirt in Major wool
Sale price€320
Moor pants in Major woolMoor pants in Major wool
Moor pants in Major wool
Sale price€375
Lottie jumpsuit in Abysse corduroyLottie jumpsuit in Abysse corduroy
Trigalière shirt in Mississippi cotton | HeimstoneTrigalière shirt in Mississippi cotton
Imogen shirt in SunflowerImogen shirt in Sunflower
Imogen shirt in Sunflower
Sale price€395
Gabriel pants in SunflowerGabriel pants in Sunflower
Gabriel pants in Sunflower
Sale price€330
Imogen shirt in whiteImogen shirt in white
Imogen shirt in white
Sale price€295
Imogen shirt in Bubble GumImogen shirt in Bubble Gum
Imogen shirt in Bubble Gum
Sale price€395
Gabriel pants in Bubble GumFRONT
Gabriel pants in Bubble Gum
Sale price€330