As you may know, creativity is a subject dear to our brand (for the new subscribers, take a look at our online journal to read Alix’s notes about it).

Creativity is what helps us find solutions and keep our head above water, during a crisis. And these last days, more than ever at Heimstone, creativity is at the core of the decision we are making.

Facing the state of health emergency and the upcoming longer quarantine, not a single day has passed without making significant decision in order to keep our business afloat. Some things will need to change, and for some others, we will maintain our status quo.

Follow us behind the scenes!

1) Nobody moves! Besides their finger on the trackpad.

From Thursday, March 26th at 12 p.m., we will systematically postpone eshop shippings at the end of quarantine, and not only upon request. Shipment fees of orders placed during this period will be offered, and therefore, we will extend acceptable return period.

La Poste is reducing its distribution, our logistic partner is working with a very small staff, Italy is shutting down non-vital companies and industries: these are so many signs that push us to take the lead on what seems to be inevitably coming next. With all the news we get from current situation, it now seems rational, responsible and respectful to no longer put unnecessary risks on our logistics services.

Of course, our online shop remains open and it does not change anything for your online orders. All the more so that we have some very nice pieces to come, which you will probably like receiving, when the days get better.

Which brings us to our second point.

2) Collections, made for you.

Small structure but killer efficiency.

We are incredibly lucky to have all our capsules produced and ready until this summer. In this industry, having all of your pieces ready to ship more than 3 months in advance, let us tell you that this underlines an efficient and well-organized work.

This is excellent news, for our greatest pleasure relief. Because Heimstone is a 100% independent company, with no investor, with no safety net. Our cashflow and our growth are only financed thanks to you, thanks to your orders only (we take this opportunity to thank all of you who continue to support us daily, on the site, by email, on Instagram. This is priceless).

Being able to introduce these new pieces means putting all the chances on our side to try to get through this crisis. This is why we will continue to follow our collection plan until June and we will launch our latest SS20 capsules.

We also wanted to share with you a longer term vision, to reassure you, but also to be fully transparent and tell you that the future is uncertain for our AW20/21 collection.

We decided to slow down and even temporarily stop the production of our next collection in order to protect our manufacturers, our fabric printers and in solidarity with our suppliers (some of them are located in Italy). Therefore, it is very likely we will not be able to launch it before the end of August, while we usually launch it at the end of June.

As a consequence, Alix is already working hard to rethink a shortened collection plan and has no other choice but to eliminate a few prints while trying to maintain harmony in our capsules. We will have to reluctantly delete some very summer pieces and some accessories. We will significantly drop our quantity orders.

This period of time teaches us more than ever to think twice about our priorities.

Which brings us to our third point.

3) Act, collectively.

From now, and until the end of quarantine, we will donate 10% of our turnover to the emergency fund COVID-19 of the Hôpitaux de Paris - Hôpitaux de France foundation. We believe it is our responsibility as a company. Governments and households cannot move the lines alone. With this choice, we decide to give a greater meaning to your purchases in these difficult times. It is to help collectively, at our level, to progress in the fight against the virus. Quite simply a choice of priority at the moment.

We remain at your entire disposal by email (Marine at and Camille at, on the chat of our online shop and on Instagram to answer your questions, inform you, give you advice.

Take good care of yourself !

The Heimstone team.