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Here is my husband's (@therefreshmentclub) first recipe.
Onur is originally from Turkey but grew up in Australia.
The way he cooks is very spontaneous, he never measures any ingredient, but mixes a lot of them!
And he totally cooks by only trusting his senses, his instincts.

 This recipe is a Turkish specialty easy but long to prepare, it is ideal for families and especially with children who will enjoy getting their hands dirty!
The measures below are approximate, so do not hesitate to taste, add salt, pepper and more if you feel the need!
With these quantities you can make about 8 lahmacuns (usually 2 per adult and 1 per child).

 The preparation of the bread:
500g of flour
1 packet of baking yeast
A big glass of water
3 pinches of salt
4 spoons of olive oil

In a glass of warm water, pour the packet of baking yeast and let stand 5 min.
In a BIG salad bowl (you will understand why you need a large salad bowl later), pour the flour, salt, then the mixture of water and yeast.
Mix and knead everything by hand, massage, tap the dough.
Add the olive oil and knead again.
This is when children can have fun!
The dough should have the same texture as an earlobe.
Let stand for at least an hour in a warm room and don’t forget to cover your salad bowl sealed.
Careful, it will at least triple in size!

The preparation of the meat:
500g ground beef (minimum 15% fat)
4 tomatoes
1 red pepper
1 long green pepper
1/2 yellow onion
2 garlic cloves
3 teaspoons of double tomato concentrate
2 bunches of parsley
4 lemons
3 pinches of salt
Olive oil 

Sift your tomatoes: take out the tail of the tomatoes, bring a pan of water to a boil
and plunge your tomatoes for a few seconds (the skin will normally split).
Then pass them under cool water and peel them.
Finely chop tomatoes, peppers, a bunch of parsley, onion, garlic.
Add to the minced meat.
Add salt and pepper.
Let stand cool for 2 hours.
One hour before eating, get the bread dough and cut it into several pieces so as to make small balls of 6 cm in diameter.
On a flat, clean surface, pour flour and using a rolling pin, spread the ball of dough to make a flat pancake (about 15 cm in diameter),
it does not need to be regular but must in any case be fine.
Same story here, this part is very funny for children!
By hand, spread a layer of the meat mixture (about 1cm thick) until the edge of the dough.
It's not a pizza and the more the dough is covered the better!
In a frying pan on high heat (or in a pizza oven), put the Lahmacun (side of the dough, not meat side) and cover with a lid,
when you see that the meat is cooked, it means it is ready!
Put it on a plate, sprinkle with lemon juice, and about fifteen parsley leaves.



  • Testée, (en train d’être dégustée), et… approuvée mille fois. Merci.

    Maxence on

  • Ça a l’air délicieux, je vais tester! Merci pour la recette :)

    Nora on

  • Coucou Qu Entendez Vous Par Pièce Chaude « Laisser Reposer Dans Une Pièce Chaude »???

    Marie on

  • Génial!!! Merci heimstone, après les légumes rotis à la feta que nous adorons, j’ai hate d’essayer celle ci!

    Celia on

  • It is not even 6am, we are sailing on a rough sea so as usual I am slightly sea sick but even though I am starving just reading this recipe and can’t wait to find a supermarket (a challenge when you sail around the world) and get all the ingredients to try your husband’s recipe, thank you for sharing!!!!

    Maria-Xuan on

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